Monday, April 29, 2013

The Party's Over

When the cameras hit the field after the Super Bowl, they always ask the quarter back of the wining team, "You just won the Super Bowl, what are you planning to do next?" Without a second thought he always replies, "I'm going to Disney World." (Of course he got paid in advance to say that.)

When someone asked me at the reception last week, "Now that you've gotten through the wedding, what are you going to do next?" Without a second thought, I replied, "I'm going to Grand Cayman." (I leave May 18th.) 

Now, in full disclosure, this trip was planned in October, long before my daughter's engagement. When she announced her plans for a spring wedding, I feared she would have had her heart set on May. If so, it would have been hard to tell her that I had priorities and although I loved her dearly, she would have to work around this trip. (One day she, too, would be a fifty something year old woman in need of a mental health trip.)

But then, the more I think about it now, let's look at the choices here: Worrying about a new dress or old shorts and a tee shirt. Stressing out over how big the tent needs to be or just an umbrella on the beach. Planning a menu or just picking up a bag of conk fritters. Peonies and garden roses or natural hibiscus all around. (Good thing I didn't stop and consider these options earlier.)

Once the date was set, there was no turning back, we were all in. And, my friends kept telling me every time I wanted to commit hari kari, go to Bonaventure cemetery and seek out Mirnerva to put a Hex on some difficult vendor, tell a bakery what they could do with their $250 delivery fee, or take on the US Postal Service - that the British West Indies were waiting for us. I just hoped the islands were more patient than I was. 

So, now that the bride has been wed, the cake has been cut, and the party's over, I can cast my sights toward Cayman. Never mind, my dress didn't fit, the temperatures dropped down into the 60's, the vendor sent the wrong size table cloths, the postal service lost some of the invitations and someone forgot to pick up the wedding cake. 

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