Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Feed Them Foreign Food and Watch Them Eat

Oh, what fun it was to entertain friends from other places. Or, perhaps as some of them may say - from civilized places. The wedding weekend was fun and special and all those things a wedding weekend should be. Of course ours had that added touch when you throw a bunch of folks from big cities, up north, the west coast, and the heartland together on a sea island in South Carolina.

After we explained to everyone that (1) they could not take a taxi from the airport (2) the closest hotel was 30 miles away, and (3) it would not be practical for them to commute from Charleston, travel plans were made and houses were rented. Oh, there were a few issues. Who knew LaGuardia would decide to close due to storms? That was quite inconvenient.

The rehearsal dinner on Friday night included everyone who had traveled in for the wedding - ie basically everyone who was going to be at the wedding. The menu was truly low country - an oyster roast and Frogmore Stew with hot dogs for the faint at heart. Some folks confused dinner with a parlor game when they were given a knife and a glove and while standing at a table had dozens of hot steaming oysters dumped in front of them.

Those from here immediately went to work shucking oysters. The timid ones concerned with cutting themselves or intimidated by the oysters alone waited for professional assistance (which was not hard to find.) Then there were the ones who had issues with what they found once the shell was opened. Not everyone savors a hot plump juicy bivalve. One guest  commented, "I didn't realize we were eating fossils!"

I'm not sure what they expected from Frogmore Stew, or Low Country Boil as folks call it, but when they saw the mounds of pink shrimp, plump sausage, and corn dumped before them into the long wooden serving bowl, no one complained.

The weather had turned chilly, and we were in the middle of a thunderstorm, but it did not seem to dampen anyone's spirits. Everyone was dry and happy under the beach house, even if they weren't sure what they were eating. Music and libations flowed freely. And, although this old dog crawled back on the porch at a respectable time, the party went on, for some unto four in the morning.

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