Monday, May 13, 2013

The Time Has Come

You know it is time to leave the country and find a sunny place where smiling people with foreign accents serve drinks with a little umbrellas in them when:

  • the wedding is over
  • your other daughter calls and gives you one day's notice that her lease is up and she is moving back home - until she finds another rental - oh, and BTW, "Can you please come move me?" 
  • one of your pups decides to use the smaller one as bait
  • your external hard drive (yes, the one that backups your photo files) fails
  • the neurologist that has been able to keep you pain free and out of surgery, doesn't make you wait a day and a half in his waiting room to see him, and was hard to get into in the first- is now on a research rotation and not seeing patients - his office refers you to your primary care physician, who you just learned has retired
  • you find that your late mother's mountain home has even more furniture in it and that you need to find a place to store that furniture until both daughters get settled and they can use the lovely antiques you thought you would always enjoy but alas your house is full of well - whatever
  • you had a mental lapse and decided to shop for a new swimsuit
  • and, alas, that lottery ticket you bought as your salvation somehow had the incorrect numbers on it
This is when staying in the West Indies, finding a job scaling fish, and sending for Ellie seems like a good idea.

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