Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oh, Yes, We Have Pictures

Everybody asks about the wedding pictures. "Do you have them yet?" "Are they on line?" Well, the pictures came in and I got an email from my daughter giving me a link to them. I had seen a few she had sent me as well as the ones that had been in the slide show the photographers put together of the wedding.

Monday, I finally got time to go through the pictures - all 1500 of them. Now, what in the heck am I supposed to do with 1500 pictures, besides save them for posterity? Yes, they save the memories of that special day forever. Yada yada yada. But, still, now what? Naturally, I want to select a few to have around the house. And, there are great pictures of family and friends, I'd like to send to them. 

But, honestly, do folks really want to see the pictures of the wedding? Or, is this one of those questions, people ask out of habit, never thinking about what they are going to do with a positive answer? Who is going to sit down and look through 1500 pictures? It was mind boggling to me. Here is the bride and groom standing together, here they are a little apart, then a little more apart. In this one they have the same pose but are smiling. Here they are just looking at each other. You get the picture - no pun intended.

Perhaps, the better question would be, "Is there a slide show of the wedding?" or "Have you put together a few good pictures?"  Of course, there are those friends of the couple who will glean each photo and pick out the ones they want.  Bottom line, for the rest of us, be careful what you ask for. Someone may just dump your inbox with 1500 photo images. 

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