Sunday, July 7, 2013

White House Down, a Movie Review

What happens when you show up at the theater to see one movie only to learn that the online site had the times wrong, and alas, that film will not be shown until 10:05 that evening? You go to Plan B. Well, my choices were limited and I took, what I thought, was the lesser of all the evils - White House Down.   Now, in full disclosure I will admit I had only seen one trailer for this film and I only remember Apache Helicopters being shot down over the White House. At that time, I quickly turned to my DH and said, "Not on my list."

Well, there I was by default. The movie opens with the usual suspects, a Capitol policeman, Cale, (Channing Tatum) waiting to pick up the Speaker of the House (Richard Jenkins) and then the President of the United States (Jamie Foxx) discussing trying to pull all troops out of the Middle East and establishing  peace with the head of his security detail, Finnerty (Maggie Gyllenhaal). Then we learn the policeman, Cale,  is trying to win back favor with his daughter, Emily (Joey King),  by taking her to the White House with him for his interview for a position with the Secret Service on the President's detail.

Back to the President, obviously African American (Foxx), is married to a beautiful lady (Garcelle Beauvais) and they have two daughters - sound familiar? Brokering pulling troops out of the Middle East? I imagine this will be an interesting film if it makes it to the theater in the White House. 

Cale and Emily join a White House tour much to Emily's excitement. By this time, you know there are bad guys in the capitol, and a problem is afoot. The story line becomes one of political intrigue and just when you think the end is near and everyone is safe, the story takes another turn, then yet another. You must suspend some reality to get into the story. And, then upon leaving the theater, have a lot more faith in the security of the White House and the Capitol complex than shown in the movie, otherwise you may never sleep again and be ready to buy survival rations and dig a bomb shelter. Thankfully, I have full faith in those in charge so I can sleep at night.

The story line is curious and fast paced. The twists and turns keep you attention. Eventually the cavalry does arrive but survival is based on quick thinking, hand to hand skills, and LOTS of artillery. Cale's daughter Emily plays a pivotal role. The story here is more interesting that what was shown in the trailer. There is also a highly unlikely car chase scene and the downing of several Apache helicopters. And,  good wins over evil. The question, however, is who is good and who is evil. 

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