Wednesday, August 7, 2013

See What You Made Me Do?

My Mama told me there would be days like these. But, sometimes I really wonder if I can walk and chew gum  at the same time- although I distinctly remember successfully doing the two simultaneously - at least once. 

Yesterday I was at my bank's drive through window depositing money in lieu of having to withdraw it - what a novel idea! One of my daughters called. She started off detailing the deep drama occurring in her life. Every minute or so, I tried to interject a word or two.

Eventually, I got my money and left the bank. Since I was in the process of running errands, to keep from losing time with what, I knew, could turn into a lengthy saga, I decided to multi-task and move on to the next item on my list - the UPS store.

As I pulled out of the bank parking lot, I was actually able to ask a question. Then as I pulled into the UPS store, I got in a follow up. Finally the story made some sense and I was beginning to understand her plight. However, we disagreed. At 53, this much drama was not worth the time. In fact, just listening to the details exhausted me.

I sat in my car in the parking lot of the UPS store, trying to be the patient parent, there to support my child in her time of need. Certainly, at some point, she would take a breath so I could get a word in "edge wise" (as my Mama used to say). But, it was to no avail. 

Finally, she said, "Mama, are you listening to me?" Actually, by that time I wasn't, because I looked down and on the seat beside me was the tube from the drive through at the bank. As was I getting pulled into the drama of her call, I had just taken my deposit slip, along with the tube it was in from the drive through, and driven off. All I could think of was - how embarrassing was this going to be to walk back in the bank and explain why I had their tube? Was this considered theft? Worse yet, was it a federal crime? 

I interrupted my daughter and told her what I had done. When we stopped laughing, she said, "Well, I guess you were listening to me after all." We finished and I sheepishly went back to the bank, walked up to one of the tellers and handed her the tube. She just smiled. I said, "My daughter called with an issue when I was in the drive through and I did not put this back. I am so sorry." She just laughed, "Honey, we all have those days. And, I bet she wouldn't let you get a word in edge wise either, would she?

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