Sunday, September 7, 2014

Old Navy, New Navy

When I was just a child, navy blue was a color that was very popular. I can remember having a navy blue and white sailor dress. Navy hose were a color I always had in my selection of pantie hose among nude, beige, nearly there, and off black.  Everyone I knew had a pair or two of navy colored shoes.

Several years ago, I decided it would be nice to have some navy colored slacks (for you youngsters - that is a nice pair of ladies pants). I could not find one any where, or a navy skirt for that matter. When I asked, the sales lady looked at me, "Oh, navy is so out. No one wears navy any more."  How do you just deem a color, a basic color passe, obsolete, demode just like that? So my so soft and comfortable navy blue Brooks Brothers flats (that I got on a major sale) were put out to pasture - or rather up on the top shelf of my closet.

Then, just as quickly as the color was deemed DOA, it was back. Suddenly navy was the new thing. It was as if the color had just been discovered, some designer found it hidden on a color pallet, right there stuck behind black just to the side of deep purple. Who knew? It was everywhere. I was happy to see it and immediately went to purchase some pieces before someone discovered that in fact it was not new, just that old navy blue that was dismissed as passe for years.

Then there was another problem. I had several nice sweaters and tops with designs in them including navy among colors. When I  brought my new navy slacks and skirts home I was met with a new surprise.  Who knew there were so many navy blues? I found that my lovely blue, green, and white paisley top clashed with my navy slacks - I had purchased the "wrong" navy. Seriously? It was too light. My brown, black, and blue sweater did not go with the skirt I purchased - too dark. Really? 

So now when I go shopping I cannot simply look for navy, I need to shop for the correct navy, the light navy or the black navy or the bluer navy. I may need garanimals to match my navy suits. God forbid I go out in public with a black navy skirt and a blue navy paisley top. Maybe there was a reason navy fell out of style, it did itself in with its multiple personalities. 

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