Friday, December 5, 2014

Plain Ol' Meatloaf

All I wanted was a simple meatloaf recipe. I knew the ingredients - I just needed to know the portions. I did what every cook does these days - I Googled it. The first recipe called for 2 cups of brown sugar. I don't think so. The idea was meatloaf not caramelized beef. The next recipe I found included 1 pound of tofu - not in this house.

There was a recipe that used Campbell Soup, one that suggested you start by dicing 6 types of fresh vegetables, um it's a meatloaf not a veggie platter. It amazed me the number of recipes that called for multiple cups of ketchup then brown sugar on top of that, I did not even want to see the calorie count in that one.

I was brought up with the traditional beef and sausage, crumbled white bread, eggs, spices, several tablespoons of ketchup, yada yada yada - one. Finally I found what I needed, a recipe that reminded me it called for 1 pound each of the meats. The rest I knew.

But what bothered me was how a simple American staple can get ruined by fru fru tweaks and healthy changes. It doesn't need to be sweet or healthy or vegan. If you want something sweet for supper fix crepes. If your thing is healthy eating perhaps spinach lasagna would fit the bill. And if you are a vegan, I have nothing to offer you, sorry I fear you may be on the wrong coast.

Meatloaf is, well, meatloaf. It is that crusty on the outside, moist and tasty on the inside creation that falls in the category of comfort food. And something as sacred as that doesn't need to be messed with.

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