Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Major in High School?

I am seriously beginning to think greeting at Wal-Mart may be a good career move for me. The full time job of trying to find a job is simply overwhelming. Just reading through vast amount of emails that flood my inbox daily with lists of jobs "that match my qualifications" is often more than I can handle.

Until now I always thought I understood the definition of the term "match". I never realized it had such a broad meaning. How was I to know that my experience as a paralegal, judicial assistant, executive administrator, IT trainer would "match" so well with jobs such as 'Part Time UPS loader', 'Customer Assistant at Taco Bell' (I kid you not) or 'Inventory Administrator at Love's Truck Stop'. Nothing against these professions I just fail to see what algorithm would have aligned my resume with these jobs. But I digress.

Another issue I find myself dealing with is the emails from these job sites that inform me they have read through my resume and it is 70% effective. For $249, which is $49.99 off the regular price, they will be more than happy to make it 100% effective. They then go on to state that I have listed everything in the suggested order, there are no grammatical or spelling errors. They are impressed with the bullet points I use and the concise wording I chose. Overall my resume hit on all 5 "strong points" an effective resume must exhibit to meet their standard. Then what the hell do they think an unemployed person is going to spend an extra $249 on?

Then my favorite question of the day was in the education part of the application. Under High School it asked "Area of Study"? Now I do not know about you but we did not declare a "major" in high school. In fact the only choice I can remember being able to make was whether I would suffer through the pain of Spanish or the agony of French. And, 37 years later, I am sorry but, first, I do not recall my final GPA in high school, and second, what difference does it make considering I went on to earn a BA in English from a well thought of institution of higher learning.

Seriously, who would remember their high school GPA? well short of the Valedictorian. 

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