Friday, January 9, 2015

Dark Chocolate to Die For

After we had opened all the family presents my DH walked in my office and announced, "Here are some things I forgot about." With that he placed two boxes and a bag on my desk. The first box I recognized - it was full of mouth watering dark chocolate truffles. (Santa traditionally brings me a box every year.) The second box was a fancy red box with a pretty gold bow. When I looked at the label, it read, "Fancy Belgium Chocolates". The bag was chocolate covered almonds.

All of this was next to the box of dark chocolates my daughter had given me for Christmas. By now you should get the hint - I adore dark chocolate. One would think this stash would last me a good while - maybe several months or so. Think not. 

Later that afternoon, my DH walked back in my office and asked, "Have you opened the truffles yet?" When I told him not yet, I could tell he was disappointed so I handed him the box so he could open it and have a few. Of course over the following days as I sat at my computer writing and searching for jobs, I would enjoy my treats. (This was over a period of a dozen days or so.)

It wasn't long before the red box was gone - God they were delicious. The box my daughter gave me were sumptuous. The dark truffles were rich and disappeared with help. The almonds did not interest me. Chocolate covered nuts? My daughter had texted me, "Don't touch the almonds- they are addictive." (My DH had given her a bag also.)

The rest of the chocolate was gone and I was left with the almonds. In need of chocolate I opened the bag and had a few. Oh . . . My . . . God. . . my daughter was so right. Unlike the rich creamy truffles that one can savor. Or the Belgium chocolates that surprise you with a different flavor from each piece. These chocolate covered almonds with turbinado sugar and sea salt grab your taste buds and hold them hostage. The salt and sugar that you think would fight, work together as sweet and savory kama sutra on top of the dark chocolate. And you only want more. Addictive does not even start to describe the graving, the carnal need you have. 

So I have finished the three boxes of divine chocolates and now I am swimming in the incredible gastric experience of almonds clothed in heaven. Alas, just like the holidays, soon it will be over.

But then I just read today that the Girl Scouts are taking orders for cookies. Oh, oh, oh, those dark chocolate covered thin mints. There is nothing like frozen thin mints. That thin rich . . . 

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