Friday, January 30, 2015

I am not Dumb, I am not Dumb, and, no, I cannot Clean Teeth

I am not dumb, I am not an idiot, I am not dumb, I am not an idiot. I keep muttering this mantra to myself. After all I have a Bachelor's degree from a real college as opposed to one of those you can apply to attend on the back of a match book cover.

In looking for jobs and using the dozens of job aggregators available I was very thoughtful in listing my skills, training,  experience, and what careers I am interested in. However, as they said in Cool Hand Luke, "What we have is a failure to communicate."

I have experience and training in legal issues, IT, training, testing, office administration, executive administrative assistance, and other office and clerical skills. I thought I was very clear when I checked those items and only those items off the list - and no other ones. So why I am getting job listings for Call Center Clerks, Assistant Managers of Burger King, Systems Administrators to take care of Servers (IT), Receptionists, Dental Assistants, and Mail Clerks to name a few? OK, maybe they fall broadly within the categories I selected.

However today, I think we jumped the shark. Paint Mixing Asisstant. Seriously?

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