Friday, January 2, 2015

I'll Take the Chocolate

Let us review here. The tree is out and the decorations safely ensconced in the attic. Yes, Martha, I know one should never store their decorations in the attic, however since my secure climate controlled separate facility in back - behind the gardener's shed has been torn down to make room for the pagoda that overlooks the garden pond for the $7000 swimming swans my true love in sending, I fear I have no choice. But I digress.

The unwanted gifts that I felt were most thoughtful and in the end seemed less than appreciated have been boxed up and sent to their original purveyors in hopes that a refund will soon be credited to my bank account.

The extra boxes, bows, paper, and trash from the melee of Christmas night has been disposed of and the house is back to its normal state of clutter.

I have made a significant dent in the mountain of boxes of chocolate I received as gifts. Returning a gift of chocolate would be the ultimate insult, so must I be polite as my Aunt Kat taught me, graciously accept the gifts and enjoy every morsel. Of course the only exception being any gift of chocolate I may have given, I would never take offense should that gift be returned. Once again, exhibiting that southern politeness, I would take the gift back and "dispose of it" in the most proper way.

Trying to start the new year on a productive note, I went to the grocery store with a list. And there, what to my wondering should appear: Valentine candy - every where. Seriously? They cannot even wait for the magi to reach the stable. Can the Easter Bunny be far behind?

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