Sunday, January 4, 2015

Movie Review - Big Eyes

Perhaps this was not the best year for Tim Burton and his Big Eyes. Amy Adams plays Margaret Keane in the true story of Ms. Keane's life as a successful painter who finds her second husband, Walter, played Christopher Waltz, taking credit for her work. As the movie progressed and I could see what was happening like the "proverbial" train coming down the track, I found myself totally frustrated with Margaret for not just telling the world it was her work. But I had to keep in mind this was the 1960's and women just did not do that at the time.

Waltz plays his character very well, almost too well. At times he was over the top. But, that may have been Walter Keane's real personality. He seemed to be the ultimate con man. Adams plays the extremely talented yet demure wife very well. The story moves along although it seems so predictable. Maybe that is due to the fact that it is a true story and we all  know how it will end. There were times when I wished for more.

It is a good movie; well cast, well written, and basically well done. Unfortunately, this year, "good movie, well cast" may not be good enough. I fear this film may fade with the Academy just as Margaret did behind the larger than life personality of her husband, and not be strong enough to get the credit it deserves. 

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