Saturday, January 10, 2015

The System of Sharing My Insanity

Believe it or not I am not ADD, one would just think so reading this Blog. What you have to keep in mind is that anywhere from 15 to 30 hours may pass between my posts. And during this time a lot (or nothing) may occur in my life. Often when I sit down to write I wish to share these odd (or, in my life - normal) things that have happened, hoping you can share the humor with me.

There are other times when something comes to my mind during the day and I made a note in a little notebook, I carry with me everywhere, so I will not forget it. These thoughts may be something off the wall someone said, some odd situation I found myself in, or a fleeting memory of my past that comes to my mind. I know, even though whatever this is, as funny, memorable, or odd as it may be - there is a good chance I will not remember it by the time I sit down to write a post.

When I was writing my books I found myself constantly noting memories that I had of Mama. And I kept notes and lists about the wedding during the four months we were planning it. I always had my trusty notebooks full of notes.

For a year or two I would pick up these small 3x5 journals I could find (always on sale). Always fearing I would run out of blank space I accumalated 9 or 10 of these. When I was looking for a cover for my ipad I found this wonderful small company in northern California that makes lovely tooled covers for ipads and phones as well as wallets. I ordered a red one (naturally) with the image of the traditional Chinese Dragon tooled in it. When it came I was thrilled.

Leather iPad Covers, Cases | Cloud Dragon in Red

The following Christmas, Santa brought me a gorgeous leather 6x9 notebook cover with several replacement notebooks for it. I was beside myself. Not only was it larger than what I normally used, it was downright good looking. As usual my DH came through in spades - he is such a great gift giver. I use it daily and enjoy it everytime I pull it out of my bag.

Leather Journal Cover | Diary | Dragonfly Pond in Fern

Now the irony of all this is that since I started my Blog it drives my DH nuts when we are anywhere and I start making notes. He will look at me and say, "What are you doing? Making notes for your Blog?" His tone of voice is total disdain. And when I was writing my books, he never took me seriously, when I commented I was making notes for the book. So my question is, just what did he think I was going to use the notebook for; grocery lists, names and addressess, movie times, love notes?

I still keep those small notebooks tucked in various places - the glove box of my car, the drawer of the side table in the den where I usually sit, my travel bag, my bedside table, and in various pocketbooks. I never want to be more than an arm's length away from pen and paper to jot down a note. This Christmas my daughter gave me a lovely handmade leather journal. She asked me if I still made notes and kept one with me. I assured her it would be put to good use.

Sometimes I just wonder. But now you no longer need to. Now you know why my train of thought often seems derailed. 

(And, yes, I have a type of pen I prefer and they are everywhere - in desk drawers, on tables, 3 or 4 at all times in my bag, 2 in the car, 1 in my computer bag, and, at least, 2 packs of new ones in my office. Say I'm obsessed - but there is a system.)

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