Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Update on the Birds

When we last visited the cage, there were 15 birds, 5 nests, and 3 eggs. Well we have moved along. The Gouldians are now brooding on a nest of 4 eggs. According to what I read they should start hatching any day now. Both parents have been very attentive. They made a soft nest in the nest box from the alfalfa they are feed. 

The Cut Throats have given it another try and have a nest of 3 eggs in another nest box. The cock is sitting on the eggs now which indicates that the hen may have more eggs to lay. (They lay one a day until they are finished with that clutch.) At that point the hen will start doing her part sitting on the eggs. (ie brooding)

Mean time the second pair of Gouldians are looking at one of the other nest boxes, measuring the drapes - so to say. Not quite sure what is going on there. A week or so ago, I would have told you they were not even compatible. Stay tuned.

The one compliant I have with all this is that I cannot clean the cage as thoroughly as I wish each week. You have to be very careful not to disturb the nesting birds. I'm ready for this experiment to be over. A dirty cage does not enthuse me. Maybe I need a sign on the cage that says, "Excuse our mess, we are nesting."

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