Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Colorful Candy by Any Name

On February 15th I was shopping and found that the Valentine's Candy was half priced.  Seeing the Peanut M&Ms, I thought I would be thoughtful and buy a bag or two for my DH. They are one of his favorites. So I put three bags in my buggy.

As I made my way down the aisle I saw that the Easter candy was already on the shelf. It was if at midnight the Easter Bunny arrived and usurped Cupid on the "Holiday Candy Aisle". And, of course, there were the Easter Peanut M&Ms for exactly twice as much as the ones in my buggy.

So let's see. Today pink M&Ms with red ones cost half what pink M&Ms with yellow and green ones cost. Oh, of course the bags are different. I think my DH can handle red M&Ms mixed with his pink ones after Valentine's Day, even if the "Official" Holiday Candy aisle says it is now Easter. 

I'm surprised the candy companies are cashing in on the Mardi Gras holiday. That would make for a colorful mix of yellow, purple, and green. Then on Wednesday, those bags would be half price. 

To paraphrase Shakespeare, 'An M&M in any color is still an M&M."

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