Friday, February 20, 2015

Even the View Master is Virtual

And all the while I have been hashing my way through the forests of low paying jobs across the deserted plains of unavailable employment and about to jump off the cliff marked "Save your Insanity", Mattel has put part of my childhood in the "Olden Days" part of the toy museum - no not "Old Days" but "Olden Days".

Remember the View Master?
 Image result for view master

That wonderful device allowed me to travel to countries half way around the world. While most of my friends had cartoon View Master disks, I had as many of different countries as I could get. I would spend hours clicking scene by scene as I made my way through the castles of Europe or the Pyramids in Egypt. I remember the Christmas I got my lighted View Master. 
Image result for lighted viewmaster
That was the one that allowed me to use it at night after bedtime. But I digress.

Well, today, I came across the following:

Image result for new view master

It is the new View Master or the Virtual Reality Headset. The one I reminisce about is now stored somewhere in toy purgatory along with the Tammy Doll, Silly Sand, and the Sixth Finger. 

That begs to ask, why did I want to grow up?

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