Thursday, February 19, 2015

Minnesota, Large Dogs, and the Part I am Missing Here

Once again the algorithms confound me. Why do I get emails about accounting jobs in Minnesota when I entered "SC" as geographical area and Paralegal, Project Manager, or Executive Administrative Assistant as job titles? I do not do new math well. Hell, I never did old math well. 40 years later I still wake up in cold sweats fearing Mrs. Hay is going to call me on with a question about my algebra homework I know I cannot answer.

And then there was the job that looked perfect for me until the last part of the description that happened to mention the candidate needed to be able to lift 50 pounds, be on call at all times, and not be afraid of heights or large dogs. Somehow that criteria did not bode well.

I have said for years I could always move to the islands and skin fish or Plan B would be joining the circus. Now that I have my AARP card I qualify for the greeter's job at Walmart - a professional career is so  over rated. Who knew that math anxiety, acrophobia, and cynophobia could stymie your career path. And, those young folks are concerned about the dress code and a gym membership. Seriously? 

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