Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Movie Review - Kingsman: The Secret Service

I adore Colin Firth, so this film had that going for it. I have always liked the James Bond franchise, so the nod to that I found interesting. And, by God, it was British.

The Kingsman is hard to put in a box (or behind a wall). One could describe it just as the five blind men described the elephant. In some ways it is a farce. There is a play on all the Bond toys in shoes, umbrellas, cigarette lighters, and some really neat glassware. Colin Firth's character, Harry Hart, is always dressed in the most dapper way, as only 007 would be.

Then there is the coming of age story. Eggsy (played by Taron Egarton) the young man who lost his father early on and shows the potential of growing into a petty criminal. But his connection with Hart changes his life.

There is the tycoon out to destroy the world with some dastardly plan. Samuel L. Jackson plays Valentine, the billionaire with a plan to save the earth from all man's pollution. And Gazelle (Sofia Butoulla) his double amputee, blade wielding good looking side kick.

And where would we be in a story like this without Micheal Caine in the role of Arthur (of all names) who is head of the Kingsmen organization. So together with all these characters and more, the story rolls along with a lot of humor.

The casting was adequate for the film. The story line was good and not always predictable. However 129 minutes is a long time for any film. And they tried to fill it with several fights scenes that were a little over the top. Even James Bond  never walked into a church full of people and walked out as the lone man standing. 

As long as you go in knowing that it is not a Bond film, that all the talent is at the top of the billing and there are many characters, there is no theme song by Adele or Beyonce, and it doesn't start with the iconic Bond credits, you should have a nice time. After all, it is based on a comic book.

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