Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Movie Review - Rewrite

Sometimes you come across a little movie that somehow never made the big markets. You wonder if the film cans just fell off the back off the FedEx truck on the way to the theaters. I found this film on iTunes of all places. And was surprised to see it mentioned that the movie was currently playing in theaters. But I digress.

Rewrite is a small romantic comedy with a strong cast. Hugh Grant plays Keith Michaels, an Oscar winning screen play writer who in a dry spell (as in no money for the power bill) finds himself teaching at a small upstate NY college for lack of any other options. J.K. Simons (now an Academy Award winner) plays Dr. Lerner, head of the college's English department. Marisa Tomei (also an Oscar winner) plays Holly Carpenter, a single mother in Keith's class. Then top it off with Allison Janney playing the part of Mary Weldon, a very uptight professor whose area of expertise is Jane Austin.

The movie was written and directed by Marc Lawrence who also did Miss Congeniality and Two Weeks Notice. The screenplay is well written and carried off splendidly by this all star cast. Grant's west coast character not wanting to be at the college nor understanding the east coast college culture clashes with Janney's character who may as well be a spurned old maid from one of Austin's novels. This all together with Simon's wry humor as the Department Head trying to keep it all afloat make for a delightful 102 minutes.

The story rocks along with many bumps that keeps it from being a predictable light headed rom-com. The depth of the cast adds more to each character. Grant, Tomei, Simons, and Janney are all excellent actors in both the comedic and serious parts of their roles.

Go see this film (if you can find it) or rent it. It is a much better investment of your time and money than some of the other trash movies that have been released this year.

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