Sunday, February 8, 2015

Survey Says . . .

According to "FunFactz" - Curvey hips indicate smart women will deliver intelligent children. Given the image below is the norm at our local Wal-Mart I beg to differ in my town.


According to a survey, women who went to college are more likely than high school dropouts to enjoy both the giving and receiving of oral sex. Of course women who went to college are also more likely to complete surveys when they are drunk.

Twenty nine percent of women spend more time shopping for shoes than they do looking for a life long mate. And seventy one percent of the men surveyed were clueless as to a women's relationship with shoes. 

And one out of ten women own at least one item of clothing they have never worn. (according to Karen Pine on Twitter). 

This all leads me to believe based on my hips I should have intelligent children, even though my DH is in the 71st percentile, somewhere while shopping for shoes I found him, I have several items in my closet I have never worn (but they were such a bargain when I bought them), and I am sure there were several surveys I took after having way too may adult beverages - just saying.

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