Saturday, February 7, 2015

Uhmm, Are You Still Willing to Donate

Meanwhile back at the ranch my computer,  I am surprised to see that I have a response to my most recent email to the lady concerning writer's luncheon. It reads:

Ann – I am sooooo sorry!  If I made a note to check on that, I totally forgot about it.  No excuses. 

We generally choose fiction writers and stay away from anything controversial – politics, race, etc. What are the names of your books and what are they about?  I will give that information to Kyla Fraser who usually researches authors for the luncheon.  Page Turner is such a great event I definitely see us continuing it for some time.

Again, I apologize.
If you are still willing to donate an auction item let me know and I will be glad to pick it up.

Then to add to my amazement, she sends me the invitation to the event. I Google one of the writers. It is now time to back peddle quite fast. 

Given her initial contact with me last year, described the event as one "Spotlighting local writers, giving them exposure, and benefiting the 'Newspaper's in Education Program.' ", I feel as if I have moved from being marginalized to hung out to dry, all the while being asked for a donation. To be in the journalism profession, her communication skills are questionable. 

This is where a professional person would have responded to my initial inquiry with a copy of the invitation and a comment such as, "I was not aware that you were a writer. I will be more than happy to send you the name and contact information of the gentleman who handles the writers. Generally he chooses bestselling writers from across the south east."  But oh, no. 

The featured authors are well known bestselling writers in the national sense. So she allowed me to humiliate myself by assuming I would be in their league (not knowing her description was several adjectives shy of reality). I cannot decide whether to:

a) Explain to her that rather than describing the event as one "spotlighting local writers" it would have helped if she had initially sent more information about the event (when I commented about having published a book) so that I would have understood that  their definition of "local writers" was a regional best selling author. The facts always help;

or b) Just tell her she pissed me off and generally I only donate to an annual event once;

or c) Ignore her and see what her next email says when she has to ask for the donation again.

As my Mama would have said, "Lord she had gumption to say she forgot and then ask for the donation again, all the while humiliating me in front of God and everyone." 

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