Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bath and Taxes

23 days, 36 emails concerning fixtures, 12 UPS deliveries, 4 brushes, 3 cans of paint, and we are very close to fixing the leaky sink faucet.

All this begs the question, why when they designed this house did they put the nice large bath with the two sink vanity in the hall and the small water closet off the master bedroom. Perhaps because the house was built in the days of twin beds in the master bedroom and princess phones. Seriously, one needs to step outside our bathroom to change one's mind. But I digress.

Now that we have a cherry wood cabinet going in with a brown speckled granite top that we have chosen "antique bronze" fixtures to go on, the only closely matching light fixture we could find was a metal one with a lighter bronze finish. "Eclectic" comes to mind. Hopefully it will all come together when (God pray) it ever gets finished. Then there is the issue of a mirror.

Naturally our first choice would be wood but chances of matching the wood on the cabinet are nil and "close but no cigar" would be disastrous. So the next choice would be metal. Then we jump back into that melee. Hell, why not add a third metal into the scheme and give "eclectic" a new realm. The search for the mirror goes on - I'll spare you the details.

I took on the small window that needs major work done on the finish before it could be painted. After several hours of chemically stripping it which left me nauseated for several days, I sanded and cleaned it until I was happy with the results. Then I carefully taped the glass with the miracle blue tape that prevents the need of a razor blade to clean the mess left after the final paint job. I was pretty proud of myself. Now it was ready for the primer coat.

Not so fast. This morning my DH brings his rotary tool in and explains how he "thinks" using it to "finish" the job on the window will take care of the small areas that need to be cleaned up. Given my arthritic hands ache from sanding the minute joints and I am still green around the gills from the poisonous vapors given off by the stripping gel, I am offended. My initial thought is to go buy a new window and have it installed. 

Last night my DH got the first coat of paint on the walls which made me think we could possibly be in the short rows of this project. Just call me optimistic. After all the plumber (ie the professional) comes tomorrow to finish this job. The final coat can go on the walls today and after a thorough cleaning of the floors and the plumber's work tomorrow the faucet will be fixed. 

Just as I see the end in sight my DH heads into his office. He looks back at me, "What? I told you I have to work on our taxes." And he closes the door. So much for the final coat of paint.

When I go back into the bath (the seventh circuit off Hell) to work on the window, I hear that familiar worrisome noise - the drip drip drip drip of the leaky faucet. You know, if you just turn the handle a little harder it stops, but then that would be much too easy.

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