Wednesday, March 4, 2015

But You Have Already Called

Last week I received a phone call from an insurance company in Columbia saying they wanted to interview me. They had my resume and were very interested in talking with me. I asked them some questions about the company.  (I had not applied to any jobs with the company and was unfamiliar with them.) The lady went into this rambling tale about their being new in the area and trying to staff a new office. When I asked her about the positions they were looking to fill, she responded clerical.

I thought  for a moment and asked "Is there a position for an office manager or an executive assistant."

She replied, "Oh yes, we need office people too." This made me think what the initial job was. Due to the confusion with the call I thanked her for her call but told her I was not interested.

Two days later another lady from the same company called. She also said they had my resume and were VERY interested in talking with me. I asked her what positions they were looking to fill and she said clerical. I explained that someone from the company had called me a day or two earlier and I had told them thank you but I was not interested. She said that was odd, she knew of no one else who would have been making calls.

Then just this afternoon, a third lady from the same company called with the same song and dance. She said they were looking for employees for their call center and their office. When I asked her to tell me some more about her company I could not even understand what she was saying when she pronounced the name of the company. Then when I asked what they did she said, "We sell ensharanse."

"And what positions are you looking to fill?"

"Oh we need folks for our calling center, you know to work the phones. We need office folks to file and greet people."

"Are any of these positions executive administrative positions."

"Oh all our positions are like that. You must understand we don't go door to door. No mam we are not that kind of company. We only work with businesses - no door to door."

I thanked her for calling, explained that I had already been called by the company twice, and that I was not interested. 

Where in the world had they found my resume and why were they so interested in me? I was curious but needed someone articulate enough to talk with before I would consider an interview. But then again it may be entertaining to see what an "ensharanse" company that did not go door to door was like. Or not.

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