Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It Was Just a Leaky Faucet

Who knew what a leaky faucet would beget. In my little my mind I thought you just called the plumber and had him come and fix the damn thing. But, no, as usual in our house it is not that simple. We called the plumber and he came. After looking at it, he said the faucet was so old he could not fix it and we would need to replace it. Mind you I found that by simply tightening the handle a bit more than usual after each use the dripping stopped - but who am I to comment.

So we knew we needed a new faucet set for the bathroom sink. This should not be very difficult given it is a simple small white sink. I figured a trip to Lowes or Home Depot (or something my DH found on Amazon) would fit the bill, another trip by the plumber and our troubles would be over.

While out of town I got a text message from my DH with a photo attached and a comment, "Found this in Costco, thought it would look good in the bathroom." I knew the thought process here - if we need to replace the faucet then certainly we need to revisit the sink and we have always needed counter space. So I found myself looking at a solid wood cabinet with a granite top containing a sink. 

By the time I got home I found pictures of faucet sets waiting for my review. Did I think dark oiled brass, brushed nickel, or antique bronze would best match the granite in the new counter? I soon found the UPS man delivering box after box of faucet sets for our preview. Soon it was obvious the "antique bronze" was the best finish for our needs. Then it became a matter of style - curved, square, traditional, modern, plain, detailed. This is where my "wedding dress" theory comes into play - making such selection is like picking out a wedding dress - they are all white. When you find one you like - stop and buy it. Anything after that will only add to the confusion.

My DH on the other hand says this is the wrong way to look at things. When you find something you like instead of "settling"" for that it only gives you a direction in which to focus your search which must continue. I beg to differ. But, then I would be wrong.

So now we have a new counter and sink that need to be installed, the color of the hardware we need, but the search is still on for the exact design. I left my DH to his research. 

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