Thursday, March 19, 2015

Out of the Nest

Low and behold the boy can fly. Much to my delight I came home to find my baby finch out of the nest and sitting on a perch. Now I will say he looked a little unsure and more than a wee bit traumatized but who could blame him. I watched as he sat there, not moving a feather.

I went into the kitchen and when I returned to the den I found him at the other end of the cage with the other birds. Well, he either flew there himself or climbed down the side of the cage walked across the bottom and climbed up the other side (that would have been a comical sight!). I assumed the former. For the next hour or two I watched as he moved from close branch to close branch, just hopping from one to another.

Then I found him sitting on the top of a feeder - not a good place to sit given it  has a slick and sloped top. There was a noise that startled him and he took off. He managed to make it to the bar mid-cage and landed hap-haphazardly on one leg as if his landing gear had failed to engage. From there he flew to another branch in the cage. That landing was no more graceful given that was a swinging branch that he was not prepared for. But he hung on and never fell. His parents stayed close by most of the time. 

So now I need to decide what to do with this little fellow. I cannot keep him for fear of cross breading. Since I personally know no other folks who raise and enjoy finches I guess I will find a store to sell him to, although I do not want to give him up. This is why I did not want my finches to procreate. I never wanted to have to make these decisions.

The baby is the one on the far right.

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