Friday, March 27, 2015

This One or That One

Just as we make a decision on the faucet set for the new sink, I heard the words I feared I would hear, "You know I was thinking. If we install this sink with this new hardware, the faucet set in shower is chrome and will need to be replaced. We cannot have chrome in one place and antique bronze in another."

Knowing it was not worth arguing the point I asked, "I assume Moen makes a shower set that coordinates with the set you chose for the sink?"

"Oh they do and I have ordered it."

Because the new shower fixture will be a single circular fixture replacing a two handle type a large plate is required to go behind the new fixture. It only comes in a brushed nickel, bright brass, or oiled brass finish - no antique bronze. This being a major issue, my DH decided he would see if he could find someone at Moen who could offer some help here. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile my DH showed me two new shower curtain rods - I was not aware the current one we were using was a temporary one. One was a dark brown (similar to a dark oiled brass) and a lighter colored one (similar to a brushed nickel).

"I prefer the darker one," I said.

"You can't make a choice yet. We don't know what color that plate is going to be in shower and they need to coordinate."

Oh, how could I forget that?

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