Thursday, March 5, 2015

Yes, I have Demonstrated Experience and Performed Skills Using Quantitative and Non-Quantitative Methods

Yes, finding a job is a full time job in itself. Sometimes just one application can take an hour or so to complete. This is in addition to a resume and cover letter that must be attached. As an example, I was applying for Data Analyst job that pretty much matched what I had been doing for the past 4 years. 

I got through all the legal questions, then the resume and  the cover letter. Then came the 20 essay questions (2000 characters each). This is when I realized that even if I was qualified for the job I was not sure I had what it took to complete each of these questions. Hell, I wasn't even sure I knew exactly what they were asking.

For example (and these are the exact questions):

In the space provided below a narrative statement must be submitted addressing your demonstrated experience directly related to the analysis and communication of complex information technology related programs

Please provide a narrative statement addressing your demonstrated experience in learning complex technical information quickly and presenting it clearly, both orally and in writing, to a non-technical audience

Please provide a narrative statement addressing your demonstrated experience performing program analyses using quantitative and non-quantitative methods

Please provide a narrative statement addressing your strong communications skills using a variety of media, including written, oral, web, and video. This includes the ability to present and discuss sensitive issues to all levels of personnel and management

Please provide a narrative statement addressing your Ability to manage highly visible initiatives successfully in a team environment

I understand that failure to provide a written statement ("See Resume" or other non-descriptive response is not sufficient) for each essay question could result in non-consideration for this position.

Huh! This is where I either want to become a file clerk or move to the islands and scale fish. Yes, I can answer these questions, But several days answering these same questions put in different ways can be exhausting. If this is an endurance test I am throwing in the towel. I do not have it in me.

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