Sunday, April 5, 2015

Looks Like We Made It

 . . . Or I thought so 'til today." 

Then after a review of the renovation a verdict was handed down that perhaps the insides of the toilet needed to be reworked in order to take advantage of the large tank capacity. The loss of floor space in front of the shower (between the cabinet and the wall) may require a special "T" shaped carpet to be installed. Was the new satin finish green really the same "green" as the original "green"? 

Remember the current shower curtain was just a temporary one. Potential finalists were arriving this coming week as well as a selection of "Shower Curtain Weights". Who knew? The same folks who came up with the idea of picnic table cloth weights - seriously!

And even though the electrician comes Monday, the light fixture will not be installed because we do not have the mirror yet. Actually since we are not sure the mirror we ordered is going to coordinate with all the different, browns, greens, woods, granite, and bronzes of the bath, a decision cannot be made on the light fixture. Ergo the final decision on any lighting device is still in the air. I am reminded of all this each morning when I am brushing my teeth and look up to see a hole in the wall where the mirror once was and in the dim light I recall that even though we now have a faucet that doesn't leak, the "leaky faucet" problem is still unresolved.

Oh yea of little faith. I feel certain the UPS man will arrive with enough boxes Monday morning to hopefully provide a suitable mirror and coordinating light. A shower curtain (with or without weights) will soon be hanging in the shower. An appropriate and safe mat/carpet/rug will be placed safely in front of the shower. And the commode will be flush with a tank full of running water. 

Then we can end this saga. 

"Standing close enough to touch . . ."

Oh, wait the door. It still needs another coat of paint and new hardware. My DH said something about coordinating towel racks. 

"Left each other on the way to another. . ."

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