Friday, April 24, 2015

Run Faster and Jump Higher

"Do you understand that private business is different from the federal government?"

I think to myself, is this a trick question? I sure the hell hope so.

"You realize it is hard to change your mindset."

Actually it was hard to deal with the mindset of the federal government.

"Are you willing to try new things?"

"Yes, I welcome a challenge. If one is not willing to learn and change one will be left behind."

"But, you realize that this is not the government?"

OK, this is the hearing test portion of the interview. "Yes, and I am very well aware that private business operates differently from the government. But then each organization has its own culture."

By this time I feel as if I am going 'round and 'round the mulberry bush. Finding a job at my age in this market is a matter of endurance, perseverance, and jumping through hoops. I figure if I get up every morning, eat my Wheaties, and put on my PF Flyers I may have a chance. After all, I need to run faster and jump higher!

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