Monday, April 27, 2015

The Water Diviner - A Movie Review

Yes it is early, but The Water Diviner may be the best movie of 2015. Russell Crowe makes his directorial debut in this story of an Australian father who looses all three of his sons on one day during the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915. After his wife dies he goes to Turkey determined to find their bodies and return them to Australia. 

Although the film was just released in the US (April 24, 2015) it was released in Australia in December to wide critical acclaim. It took home Best Supporting Actor, Best Film, Best Costume Design, Best Lead Actor, and Best Supporting Actress in Australian Film Institute Awards (down under's version of the Oscars). 

The beauty of the film alone is breathtaking in many scenes. The characters are well developed and the story moves along well. There are flash backs that are most effective in filling in background information as the story unfolds. The costumes and locations are colorful and make for a sensory experience.

I am a big Russell Crowe fan and he is at his best in the lead role of Connor, the father. Physically he has the rough look and steely blue eyes that mask a soft and hurting man. The film is well cast and I expect several support nominations from the Academy as well as Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Film nods.

The story is complex and gripping but well told. It is one of those films that begs to be seen on the big screen. You need to see this in a theater. Yes you can enjoy the movie on a large TV or tablet but the beauty of the film and power of the picture will be lost.

Trust me, this is well worth your time. 

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