Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Unemployment Sabbatical

One would think I am preparing for death. I am working on my "Bucket List". Seriously, I am checking things off my list - vowing to spend as much time as possible with my granddaughter, not worry about the little things, clean up all the photography mess in my office, read that book that has been sitting on  my bedside table, finally write back to my friend's mother who sent me the nicest Christmas card (I have wanted to send her a nice long letter and never seem to have enough time), travel as much as possible, learn how to make biscuits, find my Grandmother's coconut cake recipe,  . . . really nothing spectacular.

However now that I realize (hopefully) my unemployment sabbatical may end (no, I do not have a job - just feel more optimistic) my free time is getting ready to come to a grinding halt. Everything that I have had the liberty of doing for the past several years will be no more. Oh, I will have 2 days each week, but I am sure that time will meted out to chores and other commitments. i.e. my world as I have come to know it is "fixing ready" (as they say down here) to end.

As most of my friends are retiring (well except for those who married doctors and their only care in the world for the past 35 years has been getting court time at the racket club, the dilemma of red or white wine for lunch, and the stress of carpool lanes) I am getting back to the rat race. 

My DH said I would be bored out of my mind at home. Wrong! I have been busier than ever. He questioned what I would spend my time doing. I can present him with a list. He feared I would miss the companionship of my co-workers. I have found the camaraderie of my retired friends more than enough fun. 

The only thing I am missing is benefits and living expenses (in the style in which I have become accustomed). Contrary to what some may say - those are not over rated. 

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