Saturday, May 2, 2015

Rebirth of The Towel Nazi

So shoot me. I'll admit I have resumed my role as the "Towel Nazi". Let me explain.

Years ago when our daughters were in their teens I found that our nicer towels were wearing out much faster than they should have and our hand towels and wash clothes were getting trashed with makeup stains. We had a closet full of towels, yet I could not put a set together for our bathroom that matched without at least one having a stain or a ragged edge.

My standard procedure is to clean our bath and put out fresh linens once a week. Not so much for our daughters. They mistook their bathroom for one at the Hyatt - albeit without the maid. Towels were only good for one day. Every bath or shower deserved a clean towel. 

After much ado, lecturing on the wear and tear on linens, explaining how towels (if hung up after a bath) were good for several more, and some most unpleasant words, I did what any sane woman would do - I took my nice towels and removed them from the linen closet. 

"My" towels stayed in our room. We had just purchased two sets of nice heavy cotton spa towels and I figured now was as good a time as any to stop the madness. All was good until one of my daughters came in my room, spotted the towels, and asked, "Why are those in here? I wondered where they were?" I calmly explained that "those" were for our bath and were out of the "general" rotation of towels.

One would have thought I had declared from on high that our daughters would have to use burlap sacks to dry their fair bodies and dish rags to wash their faces. Oh, the inhumanity! That night this was brought up at supper. My DH was appalled that I would do such a thing (segregate the towels not force burlap sacks on the girls). The winning comment came from our oldest daughter who declared, "Yeah, Mom's the Towel Nazi".

I did this for a year and enjoyed fluffy towels with no stains or worn edges while the rest of the lot slowly disintegrated. Finally I threw the proverbial towel in and integrated the linens. My DH commented that he was glad I had finally done the "mature thing." Whatever.

Of course that attitude changed the morning he realized that the only wash cloth he could find had stains on it, there were none of his favorite bath sheets clean, and the  towel he was using was frayed on the end. "We need new towels," he stated.

"Oh, no. We have nice towels, but since the girls use a different towel every time they bath or wash their face and don't care about stains, all the towels are in the wash."

Fast forward ten years. I went this morning to get fresh towels for our bath (that is still being renovated) and could not find a clean set of our nicer towels. Instead I found a basket full of towels in the girls bath. Obviously some things have not changed.

Not wanting to fight this battle again, I simply gathered all the towels, separated the matching sets we use and headed for the washer. After laundering all the towels, I put them all back in the linen closet. Well, all of them except the ones we use. Those went back in our room. 

Once a Nazi, always a Nazi.  In my life there are few bright spots - knowing there is a fluffy stain free towel waiting when I finish my shower is one of them. My conscious is clean - as well as my towels.

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