Monday, June 1, 2015

Kim Kardashian - Why are we Intrigued about Nothing?

I have never wanted to be famous. Being in the limelight all the time, being hounded by the press, having all your laundry aired to me would frightening. But, I realize some folks live for the paparazzi. They feed on the attention. However, generally they have done something to deserve it - they may have been born into a famous family, ie the Vanderbilts (although Anderson Cooper plays this down), contributed to the future - Bill Gates, Steve Jobs come to mind, entertain on screen and iTunes - like Bradley Cooper and Gloria Estefan, or attempt to lead this country such of the Bushes, the Clinton, or the Kennedys.

Oh, of course there are also the infamous, those who earned their attention for all the wrong reasons - Ted Bundy, George Zimmerman, or Jodi Arias. Whatever or moreover, whomever!

But I am stumped by one enigma in this mess - Kim Kardashian. She is nothing and has made herself famous  - but for what? She (and her mother) managed to convince E! (the TV network) to do a reality show around their lives. And suddenly she is the "it" girl. Everyone wants to know what Kim is wearing, who she is with, and where she is going. 

The public is all agog over "Kim". Her 12 million dollar wedding was a rating's bonanza unlike her marriage that lasted 72 days. But did the public finally see the farce, oh no, they begged for more. Then she was spotted with this "star" and this "athlete" until finally she settled on Kanye West. Now there's a ringer - someone with the couthe to ruin Taylor Swift's moment on national TV when Ms. Swift was being awarded the MTV Best Female Video to take the stage and the mike from Ms. Swift and protest that Beyonce deserved the award.  

Their wedding in Florence, Italy was a much more subdued affair, although they did string out the pre-nuptials for a week to give the press enough time to "glimpse" and photo everyone there to celebrate with them. However, it was kept private, a controlled event, less the paparazzi know who was there or not.

Then there was the pregnancy - the only baby to be born that spring. Well there was that little boy born in England, heir to the throne. The Kardashians (and her minions in the press) tried to compare the pregnancies as if the world was holding our collective breath awaiting the birth of two heirs. Spare me, please.

I was sick enough but when Voque put her on their cover, no doubt to sell copies, I knew the world was blind. But, I also had to tip my hat to Kim. Not only had she managed to become so famous she could be Googled with her three letter common name, she had become well known and famous, simply because she wanted to. She had created her infamy without accomplishing anything - no family, no contribution, no talent, no looks (PLEASE!), nothing. She is famous for nothing but for being famous.

And it all started with the reality show that E! TV produced as if they were introducing the world to the inner sanctum of the "Famous" Kardashians. But, no one stopped and asked, or Googled, who are the Kardashians? So what? Why do they matter? 

And just when we think the dust is settling, she announces she is pregnant again. Perhaps she should keep in mind that she is part of a reality show. There are others, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo comes to mind. As far as I am concerned, they are all alike. Think about it Honey Boo Boo was "famous" for dressing up, her dysfunctional family, and her manipulating mother. Just saying . . .

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