Monday, December 14, 2015

My Loyal Cappuccino Maker

Twenty two years ago my DH gave me a wonderful, state of the art (at the time) cappuccino maker. I so enjoyed my mugs of rich coffee with thick frothy milk. Then we moved, the cappuccino maker was put on the kitchen counter, and used, maybe, three or four times. Since then it was abandoned to gather dust and get moved further and further to the back of the counter behind bread boxes, canisters of pasta, and crocks of utensils.

Several weeks ago, I noticed the machine sitting there as I cleaned the counter. I moved it out of its corner, cleaned it up, filled it with water, and voila - it still worked. So I gathered coffee, chocolate, and milk and made a cup of cappuccino. How could I have I forgotten the joy I got from these cups of rich joy? How could I have abandoned such a dedicated machine? After several days, the steamer failed. I searched online and found that there were no replacement parts. Krups had quit making the model - years ago.

Since it still made a great cup of coffee and I had an emotional attachment (guilty conscience over total abandonment) to the machine, I realized I could get a small gizmo that would allow me to arriate heated milk to a rich froth. Voila! For $10 all was well.

I mentioned this to my DH. Naturally, the next thing I knew he was asking what I would replace it with. In total mindlessness, I name a machine I had seen that would meet my needs. Next thing I know he was on Amazon researching the perfect cappuccino maker. The jeanne was out of the bottle and was not going back in. Meanwhile, each morning, I enjoying my cups of joy.

Just last week a box arrived from Amazon, of a certain size - suspiciously that of a coffee maker addressed to my DH. Just saying, in time for Christmas no less. Although a shiny new model would be fun and easier to use, how could I explain to my older one that it is being replaced and sent to the island of unwanted appliances.  Yes, I am loyal to friends, to causes, and appliances.

Of course I'm not the only one with skin in this game. Several times I have found when I leave my cup of cappuccino on the coffee table  I return to find Ellie "innocently" sitting next to it. Looking at her I realize that perhaps she has been up to something. Her reaction is something akin to, "Why are you looking at me?"

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