Friday, December 4, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree.

Yes, it is that time, the yuletide, time for the Christmas tree. As loyal readers of this blog know this is always a time of entertainment. After selecting the tree (day 1), it sat on the patio (days 2-3), came in the house (day 4), and lights went on (days 5 and 6). On the 7th day my DH rested. 

In the past I have put the lights on the tree. This year, however, my DH volunteered to put the lights on the tree. I should have known something was amiss. And, it was. The next thing I knew he was shopping for colored lights. Yes . . . we have gone back to the color/ white light debate. So, yes we have brand new colored LED lights for the tree the size of the lights I grew up with.

With the lights on the tree, I was left to finish the decorations. I spent a while putting as many glass balls, blown glass ornaments, and other baubles on it. Once it was laden, I stood back, admired my work, and rested on my laurels. My DH immediately came in and asked if I was finished. In his opinion the tree was not "full". I drew his attention to the remaining boxes of ornaments, smiled, and left the room. 

So we have a tree fully decorated and brightly lit with colored lights. We also have an attic with multiple boxes of strings of Christmas lights - regular white lights, LED white lights, old fashion colored lights (the kind that will heat your den or burn down your house), and now colored LED lights. I do not think my DH can add anything else.

Then my DH announced this morning, "The star comes today."

"What star?"

"The new one I ordered for the top of the tree."

Seriously? So in our attic we have an ancient blue angel we put on the top of our tree when we first were married, the gold angel we added next with feathered wings (that fit nicely on the top of tree), and also the oversized angel (with the porcelain face) my DH insisted on purchasing last year.  And now we will have a star. 

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