Thursday, January 21, 2016

And Marshall Doubles the Fun

In our last installment, all have T's had been crossed, the I's dotted, my offering to the god of small animals accepted - Marshall was ours. Well, he would be on Monday.

The first text I received from my DH Monday morning had to do with crate sizes and a confirmation that Marshall would be ready to be picked up that afternoon. Then there was a mention that he may stop and have one more look-see at the Coon Hound pups and he had inquired of his Airedale breeder as to when she might have another litter. Obviously puppy fever was running rampant, as if we were lacking in the canine department.

On the other hand I was beginning to wonder how I was going to handle two 2 pups. Handling Ellie at 5:30 every morning when she insisted on going out for her morning constitution, was "fun" enough, I could only imagine the extra excitement of two. Hopefully they would get along and Marshall would fall in place as Ellie's minion. Ellie was not going to play second fiddle to anyone, the question was how quickly Marshall would catch on to the program.

I was starting my new job the next day (another reason Marshall and Ellie were being introduced in Orangeburg) so I had a lot on my mind. Even so, it was so quiet without Ellie around. Of course I realized that Friday that quiet would turn into mass chaos when Ellie and Marshall arrived.

My DH called to say that Marshall was home safely. My first question (naturally) was what kind of canine reception did he receive? 

Apparently he backed Lily (our Airedale) down when she approached too eagerly. (Lily is overly excited to see everyone from my DH to a stray cat). My daughter's dog Kennedy decided to sit on the sidelines. (He usually takes a wait and see attitude. He knows he his king of his world and will never be overthrown. He had no dog in this fight.) Ellie was totally leary. Pretty much what I expected. I imagined her attitude was - I'll wait it out, surely someone will come get him.

The good news was somewhere is his past life Marshall had been crate trained. When my DH showed him his crate that night and told him "crate" he jumped in and no one heard a peep out of him all night. He is good on a leash - thank God. And obviously, he felt right at home pretty soon given the picture I was sent.

Now if Ellie will just play pretty and decide they will be pals (or at least she will make him her minion) life will be good. As for Marshall, he has done his part. 

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