Sunday, January 17, 2016

Coon Hounds and One Ugly Puppy

The search continued, no dog struck me as the one, or if he did there was some flaw I could not live with (too old, serious illness, aggressiveness, etc.) I was out to save a dog not canine-kind.

Finally, Friday night my DH, using of his high level vet sources, located 2 pups near Atlanta he thought I should see. So I drove home early Saturday morning to meet him and go to Atlanta. On the way up I started thinking - there have to be some dogs in this area of the state that will meet my criteria, When I told my DH of my change in plans, his comment was predictable, "Make up your mind." I knew what I wanted to do and told him.

Now Saturdays at an animal shelter are total chaos and the parking lot at the first stop on my list was full. My DH's comment was, "Kids think this is better than the zoo - it is free, you get to touch the animals,  and there is a chance you may bring one home." 

Inside, we just walked around the pens of puppies and dogs on the floor in the center of a wide open space. There was nothing close to want I was looking for.

I found my DH looking over a pen of very small brown puppies. "Coon Hound puppies, aren't they the cutest?", he said.

I had seen that look in his eye before and it usually meant that something breathing was coming home with us. Something that he wanted. "I didn't know you were looking for a puppy? And a Coon Hound is not on my list." We walked away and he added, "But they are so cute." I ignored him, found a counselor, and explained what I was looking for.

"I have something in the back that may do. He is up for a adoption and he is some type of terrier. Now, I'll warn you. He doesn't like people or other dogs at first but he will warm up to you."

The counselor opened the door and in a crate was a small black short haired dog - not the terrier lines I was looking for. Besides he was shivering and shrunk back in the corner of his crate. "Is he cold?" I asked

"No, you are just a stranger," My DH turned and left the room. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted another pen with a black and white hairy dog. "What about that dog?" I asked.

She told me he would be up for adoption in several days. He was about 5 years old, the size of Ellie, some type of terrier, had a sweet gentle disposition. I excused myself and went to find my DH, who was over (once again) by the Coon Hound puppies. When I showed him the black and white puppy, he picked her up. "This is a sweet dog," and he started asking questions.

As it turned out the dog had been in that shelter before, had been adopted out, then was found on the side of a busy highway. Using the information on his microchip, they were able to identify the dog and the owner (whose address was no where close to where the dog was found). (The dog had no name.)  But they had not been able to contact the owner. The phone was disconnected. So if the registered letter they sent was returned unclaimed, the dog would be up for adoption in a day or two. I asked and she told me that, no, the dog could not be adopted until they knew for sure that the owner could not be contacted, even if we left him there. 

Finally, we talked the counselor into letting me submit an adoption form. She said she would call me as soon she knew the dog was unclaimed and if I came immediately, I could adopt the dog. We thanked her and left the shelter moving on to stop number two.

"He is a sweet well mannered dog and no doubt he would get along with Ellie, but that dog is ugly, my DH stated. I protested but realized it was a mute point. He would the love the dog, ugly or not, still the same. Then he added, "Now those Coon Hounds, they were some beautiful puppies. And I already had one who would come over the side of the fence so I could pet him."

Not so fast - the tale continues tomorrow. . .

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