Friday, January 29, 2016

I Missed the Parade

Last evening I came home exhausted. I opened the door to find Marshall standing there tail wagging happy to see me. As I looked past him, the living area looked as if there had been a ticker tape parade - there were ripped pieces of paper strewn about the floor. I looked at him, he was still wagging his tail. I put my bag down and turned to go into the bedroom - more paper strewn about. The parade must have come through that room as well.

There were random shoes tossed about. One of my travel makeup bags was on the bed. I picked it up and went to put it back in the bathroom. There I found "someone" had managed to pull all the baskets off the bottom shelf. There were tubes of lotions, boxes of soap, miscellaneous makeup items, combs, and brushes littering the bathroom floor. Once again Marshall stood there wagging his tail.

I picked everything up. Miraculously, nothing was broken. It was definitely time to get them out for a walk. I changed my clothes and got their leashes. Since Marshall has taken to eating his harness, going out now involves putting his harness on him as well as his leash. This is like trying to tie a bow on a greased pig who is trying to escape.

As I am wrestling with Marshall on the floor (amongst the pieces of paper) my phone rang. It was my DH, "I'm in Walmart, where will I can find the powdered drink mixes?"

"On the same aisle as the canned fruit."

"That makes no sense."

Keep in mind I had had a long day, had found my clean apartment a mess, and was then fighting an 11 pound gremlin to get a harness on - and the gremlin was winning. Walmart's store product placement was not what I really gave a damn about at that minute. "They put it with the Kool Aide."

"Kool Aide? Why there?"

I about to lose it, "I assume because they are all fruit related, I don't know."

"Why are you being so short?"

I quickly explained about my day, Marshall's hi jinxes, and my current wrestling match. His comment - "So you just don't like Marshall. Fine, I'll come get him."

If I had had a third hand at the time, I would have turned my phone off and blocked his number. I assured him Marshall was not going anywhere. 

Then sarcastically he added, "Well sorry I did not call at a good time." With that we rang off.

Thank you Captain Obvious!

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