Saturday, February 13, 2016

Just a Walk in the Dog Park

Walking two dogs on the side walk took a little getting used to. So when Saturday came and we could go to the dog park I was thrilled. When I loaded them up in the car, Ellie looked at Marshall as if to say, "Boy, just wait. We're going to the dog park. This is great."

When we got to the park, once again the sight of the three of us getting out of the car was anything but graceful. Ellie was pulling on the leash ready to get in the gate. Once Marshall heard dogs barking he started up as if he was ready (sight unseen) to take them all on.

As it turned out there were several dogs in the park, all large dogs. Neither of my two were phased by their sizes. Once I let them loose, naturally Ellie went one way and Marshall raced the other way. I found myself standing there trying to watch both to make sure they were doing OK. As I stopped to speak with a fellow dog owner standing there watching the dogs frolic. He commented, "I love this dog park because all the dogs get along. We don't have the fights and squabbles I have seen in other parks." I agreed.

Those words had just escaped my lips when we heard this rawkus. I turned to see a pit bull mix, a lab, and a Rhodesian Ridgeback in a brawl. As the dogs tumbled, growled, and snapped about suddenly little Marshall rolled out from under the fray. But instead of running away, he shook himself, turned, and headed back. One owner grabbed the lab. I grabbed Marshall and held him as the pit bull continued to snap at him. Finally his owner decided to get a hold of him and take him home.

With that over, I looked for Ellie. At last I found her perched on someone's lap in a group of owners sitting on benches chatting about. When I approached them and apologized, they just laughed."Oh we love her. She is so cute."

Another one added, "And, her hair, I've never felt hair like that on a dog." Referring to her course wiry coat. "What kind is she?"

This is where I had to decide whether to be a smart ass and say, "A Norwhat." Or tell them what she should be and say, "A Norwich". Or say, "A Cairn Terrier", because that is what she looks like. Honestly I said, "She is a Norwich Cairn mix."

"Well we've never seen such. But she's cute."

Of course they have "never seen" such because, trust me, there is only one Ellie. I thanked them and asked my "cute" dog to come on so we could go home. Once again I looked for Marshall only to find him sparring with the Ridgeback - would he ever learn? I scooped him up and hurried Ellie along. When we reached the gate, I was trying to get Ellie's leash on her and hold onto to Marshall so he wouldn't go finish his death wish with the Ridgeback.

To my left were two owners putting leashes on their large dogs, The dogs were standing still, patiently waiting for their owner to tell them what to do. While I may as well have been trying to deal with two greased little pigs.

I had enough trouble taking care of myself. Whose idea was it to take responsibility of Killer and Cuddles?

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