Friday, February 26, 2016

Only Idiots Do It Twice

After a long day, I arrived home to find my front door newly painted and the pups still safely ensconced in the guest bedroom. When I opened the door they stopped doing something and look at me with a look of , "Wow, we are so glad to see you! Us, up to something? Never. That's our story and we are sticking with it."  They looked happy, the room was still in one piece, and there was not an eviction notice on the front door - I could live with this.

I changed clothes and went through my regular routine getting ready to take the dogs out for their walk. Marshall was insistent on trying to eat his harness rather than wear it. Ellie stood there patiently waiting her turn, all the while watching me finish the mini rodeo with Marshall. Finally they had their leashes on and I had the bags and my phone. We walked out the door and I closed it. As I did, I checked my pockets just to assure myself that I had my keys.

I didn't. The door was locked and I did not have my keys. Seriously? Twice? After I stopped beating myself up I found the locksmith's number on my phone and called him once more. Fifteen minutes later he arrived. He walked up to the me and dogs standing in front of the apartment building. He just smiled and said, "We got to stop meeting like this."

As we walked in the building, he said, "You know I'm not going to charge you my full rate."

I laughed, "You have a repeat customer discount?" Then I thought, no, more likely he has a idiot rate for stupid people."

As before it took him a mere two minutes to open my door. We all walked in and he wrote up the bill. As I signed it, I said, "Next time I'll make dinner."

The guy howled, "Now that is funny." 

I thanked him and he left. As I closed my door, I wondered if I needed to hang a key around my neck, never lock my door, or better yet, go buy my own Jr Locksmith kit.

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