Thursday, February 25, 2016

They Live Here Too

I got home yesterday to find a "Dear Tenants" letter posted on the outer front door of my apartment. Upon reading it I learned that the painters who had been painting the hall for the past week now needed to paint each door. Therefore the doors to each apartment would need to be left open all day the following day. Note to pet owners - leave your pets closed in your bedroom. 

When I got to my door, I found the same note taped to my door. I looked down the hall to make sure everyone had the same note on their door. Not that I am paranoid, just checking. And they did.

My next thought was - who was going to tell the pups? I could not put them in my bedroom because they were already prohibited from that room and the bath while I am gone due to Marshall's insane curiosity and destructive tendencies. Their crates were in the guest room - now there was an idea. That was a disaster in the making. Given my front door is at the end of the hall, and the door to the guest bedroom faces that door and the pups in their crates would have a straight view of the entire hall, God knows what they would do.

So this morning I spent a good deal of time making sure the guest bedroom was pup proof. Yes, they have access to this room daily. However, when confined to just one room there is more time to explore and more time to figure out how to get into trouble. Hopefully having access to their crates will give them a place to sleep and all will be well. 

There is little they can get into. Well, there is a 220 cord that leads to the AC unit (possibly to attractive nuisance for a chewer), a new comforter on the guest bed (that could fall prey to Marshall's teeth as the one on my bed did), a church bench that could easily give access to the wide window sill where the blinds are . . . Certainly they cannot figure out how to open the closet doors. 

Given my front door is at the end of the hall, they will be able to hear the painters as they work and chat. Luckily the workman are a friendly bunch, especially the lead man, an older Charlestonian. One afternoon I came in as they were working, I spoke to them and commented that I hoped my two had not been too vocal during the day.

His response, "Nome', but you know they live here too."

I did not take that as they had been quiet. They would be wrapping up when I was trying to get my rowdy crew out the door. The painters found it humorous that wet freshly painted walls added some extra "fun" to the exercise. The older man said,"They just ready to stretch they little legs, want to see what all the fuss is about." Once again I would apologize as I tried to keep both of them out of the paint.

So, today should be interesting. Of course to add to the fun, all the doors will be open with everyone's pups closed up in a bedrooms. This should be a hoot or rather a howl.

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