Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Deal for Dinner for my Readers

OK, several days ago I posted about my first foray into the "fresh meals sent to your home" (Gourmet Chef in a Big Box). It was a success for me. Even though I love to cook, have every gadget, pot, pan, dish, utensil, special plate, bowl, knife, rare spice, oil, pepper, salt, and vinegar one could dream of on their counter, in the pantry, or shelved in the cabinet, I still find myself looking in the refrigerator saying, "What the Hell am I going to fix for supper?"

And, not just that. I find myself at the grocer staring at the meats, vegetables, and dairy saying the same mantra, "What the Hell am I going to fix for dinner?" Yes, I have cookbooks. I have probably 100 really good cookbooks at home and I have brought my 20 favorites with me to Charleston. Lord knows that is no excuse, I have Google. But still I come home from work - tired, hungry, staring at the 'fridge as if that stainless appliance were going to utter some grand word of wisdom, "Yes, my dear, tonight you shall have  . . ."

Thanks to Groupon and a moment of weakness, I ordered 3 meals from Hello Fresh. Yes, there are several of these services around. I cannot speak for the others. I am sure they are as good. I do know Jamie Oliver is associated with HF. I posted in detail about my preparing first meal here. And this is what the final product looked like.

Pork chops, Roasted Pears, Collards, and Shallot Cream sauce.

I also photographed the second but did not post it. Here is the results of that:

Korean-Style Beef Stir Fry w/ Broccolini, Brown Rice, and Sesame

Rarely do I suggest, tout, support, or encourage my readers to try something, but this case is a little different. The meals for two are a gracious plenty for two. This service is not cheap, however, the discount code below will give you $40 off your first order which makes it a deal. Just make sure you go in several days after you have placed your order and cancel future orders (unless you wish to continue the service at the regular price).  I personally cannot afford this service but for $40 off - it is a bargain, just make sure you cancel the automatic the deliveries after the initial one.

For $39.00 you can get 3 entire fresh meals (for 2) shipped directly to your home. I do not know about you, but $13 for a dinner for 2 for one of these menus is economical, budget pleasing, and almost stress free - ie a no brainer. (I had leftovers for 1.5 meals each and the remaining meals stayed fresh for almost a week before I prepared them.) There are family menus also for a little more. 

Go here:  Hello Fresh

And enter this code: 6W8VXW

Think of it as your refrigerator saying, "My dear, tonight you shall have  . . ."

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