Monday, March 21, 2016

Tell Me It's A Nightmare, Please!!!

Please tell me I am having a nightmare and will awake to find the witch is dead and everything is in color! In my dream I walked into a gas station to find that a liter of water costs more than a liter of gas. Mercurys and Oldsmobiles have joined Studebakers as a line of cars no longer made. 

But worse, I may be looking at a leader of the free world from a group made up of a woman who was willing to publicly "stand by her man" while she climbed her way to the top as a model for young women, a right winged Christian evangelical whose face brings to mind the Penguin in the Batman series, a reality show host with a bad spray tan, a horrible hair cut, and a reputation for shady deals, or a septuagenarian socialist.

I feel my only choice is to dig up all the mayonnaise jars in the back yard, burn my driver's license, bank cards, and county library card, learn how to speak Dutch, pack the pups up and move to Aruba.

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