Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Where Did I Park my Car?

Having worked the same place for the past 6 years - teleworking from home, I always knew where my car was parked. I could reliably find it in my driveway in the same spot. I did not even have to think about where it was. My only issue was remembering where I left it in airports, large malls, and occasionally at the grocery store. 

Suddenly I never know where my car is. Because I have street parking where, I park in a different place every time I come home. To make it more sporting, I live on a corner. It is not unusual for me to come out of my front door, turn to the left, knowing my car is just across the street, only realize, that no, that was yesterday at lunch. Last evening I parked it around the corner. 

It is the same at work, I am in a fairly large parking lot with unassigned parking. Where you park is based on when you arrive. Often when I return from lunch I join the other cars that are double parked at the end of one of the rows due to a full lot. I come to the parking lot and often find myself on the back right side, only to realize that I had parked up front. Worse yet, I had walked past my car as I entered the lot.

When we bought my car there was a small "discussion" over color. I wanted a dark gray, but my DH insisted on a light blue. I find the blue offensive, but at that time, he wore me down, and I gave in. Now everyday I find myself driving a car that reminds me of the color rinse they used to put on an old lady's hair when she went to the "Beauty Parlor". To make matters worse it is the most popular color of the model car I drive. Something else, I never fail to point out to my DH.

Naturally out of the hundred or so cars in the parking lot at work, there is a car, make, model, and color exactly like mine -surprisingly only one. I have attempted to get in this car several times. Once the only thing that stopped me was a jacket on the back seat I did not recognize. I am often frustrated when my key fob will not open the car's door, only to realize, once again, it is the wrong car. 

One afternoon I was walking to the parking lot with a nice Captain who is often in and out of the President's office. As we approached the lot he went to his car - the other light blue one. I laughed, "So you are the one who drive's the car that is a twin to mine? I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to get into your car."

He just laughed, "Probably no more than I have tried to get into yours." 

We exchanged pleasantries and he got in his car. As I went in search of mine I wondered to myself if that God awful color was his first choice or was a gray one not available.

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