Thursday, April 21, 2016

I'm Back

I'm back . . . The rumors of my death were premature. I am alive and well. Real life has just side tracked my world. In the past three weeks I have, well, I'll spare you details. Actually there are no details, For the first time since I started this Blog many years ago, this is the longest I have gone with posting some comment, story, or opinion. My world for the past 3 weeks have been hum drum with nothing I felt was "blog worthy" as several of my friends say.

But what better topic to bring me back to the page than my college reunion. Yes, my 35th college reunion is in a week or two. For years I avoided these events like the plague - why did I want to see most of these people? I didn't really have anything to say to them. I did not want to get cornered by some classmate that I never cared for who wanted to be my new best friend. The idea of having to chit chat with the girls who set their goals for a  MRS degree by marrying a MD. With their tennis tan, sculpted body (that makes me feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy), tales of the stress of where to "lunch", and wardrobe out of Voque that puts me in Later Amish style. 

So each year I have come to Charleston and had lunch or dinner with a few of my good friends I had kept up with who were in town for the big do. It worked for me. 

But this year is different, since it our 35th, the College has invited our class to have our reunion in the President's House. Given while we were in school, most of us never darkened the door of the Georgian Mansion on campus. And, if we were invited for some official function, I can assure you they would have put away the fine silver and moved any prized breakable to a safe spot. Just saying.

Also living in Charleston makes it different because I am here. It is not a matter of making plans to spend the weekend here or figure out when I would be coming down. I am balancing a few dinners, a sorority get together, a champagne brunch, then the big gala Saturday night. 

For my sorority get together, I have had to find the names of long lost sisters who said they would be coming on Facebook to see if I recognize them - some I do, some I don't. It is comforting to know that we are all 35 years older and there were only so many well to do available Drs around. In fact as I looked at old pictures of us at porch parties, Greek Day, and just together it dawned on me - this is going to be a group of grandmothers getting together. Is that scary or what? Reality is frightening.

I have all my answers ready: where I have been all these years, how I got where I am, why I live in such a dodgy neighborhood. I contemplated just creating a life, a story much more interesting than what I have. But, I have more pressing matters - what the Hell am I going to wear? 

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