Sunday, April 24, 2016

Posh Portals to Decrepit Doors, To Each their Own

As some of you may know I decided back in January to photograph doors in Charleston and post a different one everyday. Personally my interest was the old, neglected, eclectic doors that had so much character. However, I found that there were many more comments about the pristine more formal doors that populate the covers of magazines showcasing the southern charm of the Holy City. 

Whatever the condition or location, photographing the 1000's a doors of Charleston has been an interesting undertaking. Naturally, I feel more comfortable with a camera any where south of Calhoun Street because tourists wandering around with a camera taking pictures of anything down there are a dime a dozen. No one thinks a thing about someone standing outside their home and taking pictures of their front door.

On the other hand, walking down the street in a more sordid neighborhood carrying a camera does not bode well for the photographer. As I quickly snap pictures, being careful not to tarry, I can see curtains part and faces peek out. Often I have passed by doors I desperately wanted to shoot, but thought more of it when I noticed neighbors passing on the street. 

Only once have I had to explain my presence to a policeman. A concerned (or rather paranoid) citizen called 911 to report a suspicious person with a camera photographing houses on their street. After I explained myself to the officer, he laughed and said he totally understood. We discussed the different doors on the street and which ones we found particularly attractive. He also suggested some other streets that had doors he thought I might find interesting. 

Perhaps it will disappoint some who think I get out every morning, find a door, photograph it, then post it. Anyone who uses a camera knows that rarely is the best shot the first one, so there are multiple shots of each facade. Many that show so much promise on the street just do not photograph well and therefore do not "make the cut." Also, after I had gotten so far into this project and posted several weeks worth of shots, I was having problems keeping up with which doors I had posted and which ones I had not. That required a simple system that any idiot would have set up from the get go. 

Until I get shot or arrested I hope to continue this project. It would take years to run out of doors.

An example of what I had in mind when I started the project:

An example of what I think more folks are interested in:

From the old, neglected, and decrepit examples I come across on the side streets on the northern part of the peninsula to the stayed immaculate portals of the well heeled south of Broad, and various examples in between, there are plenty to please everyone. 

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