Monday, June 13, 2016

No Name Yet

We all await the arrival of our second granddaughter. Yes, we know it is a little girl but a name has not been selected. Lou, our 22 month old granddaughter, is quite content being the only child and only granddaughter. Even before she reaches her second birthday, she already knows she has a good gig going here. There has been no lack of trying to prepare her for the new arrival. But, so far she is not excited about being a big sister, having a new sister, or anything else having to do with this bundle of joy. 

Whatever the name will be, it will be. And, no doubt, Lou Lou will eventually warm up to the idea of being a big sister and having a little one around . . . hopefully. 

Lou calls herself "Nu Nu" and often refers to herself in the third person. The other day someone asked me if my daughter had a name for the new baby yet. I told her no but when they had asked Lou what she thought they should name the new baby. Nu Nu said "No No".

I was laughing about this and my daughter added that their next door neighbor's daughter decided early on that her new little sister was going to be named "Twinkle Flower."  After weeks of hearing this, her parents realized she really thought the baby was going to be named "Twinkle Flower". They had a little intervention. It did not go well, but by the time her new little sister arrived, she was OK with the different name. 

I'm not losing sleep over this. If nothing else my daughter's penchant for all my granddaughters' clothes to be monogrammed will eventually bring an end to this non-decision. Besides, if "No No" is not in the running, "Twinkle Flower" still is.

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