Monday, June 27, 2016

The Big Sister Gig

With the impending arrival of our second granddaughter I wondered or rather feared how our oldest grandchild would handle sharing the spotlight. Lou has never been selfish or not played well with others. But, the world has been her oyster. In her perfect universe the sun, the moon, and all the stars revolve around her, and given she is a simple delight (and the sweetest, prettiest, smartest grandchild ever) so it should.

That said, would the arrival of a little sister bring her world to a grinding halt? As the day approached, when asked what her little sister should be named, her third person response was often, "Nu Nu (how she refers to herself) says No No." That about summed it up. There was a firm veto from her camp.

When the baby arrived, four weeks early, she was put in the NNICU and will probably be there for a couple to several weeks. Nothing serious, she just needs some time to catch up since she entered the world so early and is so little.

So Loulou has remained at home where her little life has gone on as usual. She is on her own little schedule with school on the week days, etc. Her Daddy has explained to her that she has a new little sister. But in the mind of a not quite two year old, not seeing is not believing.

Perhaps it is a bit confusing but this "Big Sister" bit is not what she was told. Where is the sharing of toys, helping Mama with the new baby, being a big girl when the baby cried . . . ? What she sees is a big pink ribbon on the mail box and a huge stork balloon in the front yard. She gets even more attention than usual from family, friends and neighbors. And, they all bring her gifts. Yet, there is no crying baby in the nursery, no demanding little sister taking Mama's time, no cute bundle of joy that hogs the attention of family and friends.

In that little mind of hers, this big sister gig is pretty sweet. No wonder everyone told her she would love being one. Now she cannot wait for Mama to come home so she can tell her all about it. Of course Mama coming home without the baby will just reinforce the dream state.

Meanwhile she will continue to eat cake while her little sister grows and develops under the care and watchful eyes of those medical professionals who specialize in such. Then one day, the bundle of joy will arrive at home. Much ado will made. And Loulou will either fall in love with her little sister or just patiently wait for whomever left that "special little package" to come get it. The jury is still out on that one.

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