Saturday, June 18, 2016

We Are Represented by Who we Choose

OK, go ahead before I even start, you can throw whatever rocks you want at my house of glass. 

Yesterday I was listening to coverage of President Obama's visit to Orlando. As he has had to do so many times in his eight years in office, he was the "Consoler in Chief". It doesn't matter what side of the aisle one sits on, one has to feel for our President when he is in this role. Whether it was Reagan making his famous, "They have slipped the surly bonds of Earth . . " speech at the service for the astronauts lost in the Challenger disaster, or Clinton's words (on the occasion of the Oklahoma City bombing) "If anybody thinks Americans have lost the capacity for love and caring and courage, they ought to come to Oklahoma", it never gets easier. It is all senseless. But, I digress. 

The network host was interviewing Florida's 5th Congressional Representative (which includes part of Orlando) who had come down from DC on Airforce One with the President for the occasion. I almost had to pull my car over. This was a member of our United States Congress, the one person chosen by her district to represent their needs in Washington. In her discourse with the CNN host, she referred to the "poleeces" (plural of police), her syntax of singular and plural were often incorrect - "they is", and worse. But, she was that district's choice. And, no doubt a majority of that electorate knew what they choosing. (Yes, "what" not "who".)

After researching this lady online, I see that she is not of any ethnicity that would make English her second language. To make matters worse, she has been in Congress since 2013 and, obviously, not picked up on the difference between her speech and that of her colleagues. Even those representatives from the deep south have correct syntax. Heck, Strom Thurmond was often accused of being hard to understand, but no one ever said he did not speak the King's English. 

Given the Republican party is seriously considering nominating a narcissus reality TV host, perhaps much of the American electorate should be questioned as a whole. But to each their own, we are blessed with a free society of majority choice of representation in our government. I digress once more.

I was just getting over the trauma of the interview when she started referring to the horrible events of a year ago here in Charleston at Mother Emmanuel Church. She went on and on about the tragedy in "Carolina". OK, that was it - how many states does she think there are in the union? 49? Or perhaps 47 - and now 6 states have been reduced to "Virginia", Dakota", and "Carolina". 

It is a free country and the majority carries. God, I can only assume when she won her seat, she was running against an ax murderer, a child molester, or some other undesirable. But - even with whatever character flaw, her opponent possessed, I'm willing to bet they paid attention in 2nd grade and learned there are 50 states and two "Carolina's". Just saying. 

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